Administrative Leadership

The Department of Administrative Leadership develops individuals for positions of leadership in educational arenas. As an educational leader, you will have the skills to nurture leadership among others in a wide range of elementary, secondary, and post secondary programs, as well as in business and industry.

School Administration
Adult Education
Higher Education Administration

Location: Enderis Hall Room 615
Phone: 414-229-4740

Curriculum and Instruction

Through research, teaching and service, the Department of Curriculum and Instruction educates individuals to provide and advocate for equitable educational experiences that foster learning.

Teaching for grades PreK - 12
Add-on and Supplemental Certifications
Teaching the Arts
Graduate Programs

Location: Enderis Hall Room 310
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Fax: 414-229-5571

Educational Policy & Community Studies

Providing students with a deeper understanding of urban educational issues with a focus on the historical, political, economic, and socio-cultural context of communities, schools, and society.

Community Engagement and Education B.S.
Cultural Foundations of Education M.S.
Social Foundations of Education Ph.D.
Specialized Certificate Programs

Location: Enderis Hall Room 557
Phone: (414) 229-4323
Fax: (414) 229-3700

Educational Psychology

The Department of Educational Psychology maintains the collective responsibility for training students in the areas of school and community counseling, school psychology, learning and development, and educational statistics and measurement.

Location: Enderis Hall Room 799
Phone: 414-229-4767

Education Outreach

The Office of Education Outreach serves educators across Wisconsin and Northern Illinois, as well as nationally, through our many online and educational degree programs. These courses provide opportunities for you to expand your professional development, as well as fulfill certification requirements. Education Outreach also offers continuing education credits and non-credit courses for those in the fields of adult education, community service, social service and health care.

The School of Education also hosts one of 15 centers across the state designated to provide you support in developing a PDP and meeting its goals. Wisconsin's PI 34 requires the PDP for initial and professional educators. Through the Office of Education Outreach, we host DPI Reviewer Training Session for those wishing to become PDP team review members.

Location: Enderis Hall Room 579
Phone: (414) 229-5255
Fax: (414) 229-3633

Exceptional Education

The Department of Exceptional Education is committed to the preparation of personnel who teach and serve individuals with disabilities, particularly those in urban settings. Further, we support citizen and professional activities that optimize opportunities for individuals with disabilities that improve educational practices and services.

Special Education Teacher Certification
American Sign Language
Interpreter Training Program
Special Education Internship Program

Location: Enderis Hall 610
Phone: 414-229-5251
Fax: 414-229-5500

Urban Education Doctoral Program

The Urban Education Doctoral Program is designed to integrate a particular area of specialization with the broader field urban education. Graduates apply their skills in a variety of settings - institutions of higher education, public or private school settings, federal, state or local government agencies, community organizations, and the private sector.

Location: Enderis Hall Room 510
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Fax: 414-229-2920