Degree Requirements

Students completing the Ph.D. program receive a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology from the School of Education with a specialization in Learning and Development. Students completing the master's program receive an M.S. in Educational Psychology with a specialization in Learning and Development; this does not lead to licensure or state certification.

M.S. Program Requirements

The M.S. degree requires 30 credits which may include up to 6 thesis credits. Thesis students typically take more than 30 credits. All students begin the program with 9 credits of core courses that include the 600-level courses in Development (640), Cognition (631), and Statistics (624). Students next take five courses chosen in consultation with their advisors. Lastly, six additional credits are electives and may be taken from a program other than Learning and Development. Students may choose to write a thesis or take a 3-hour comprehensive examination in the final semester of their course work.

Students in the M.S. program may have opportunities to participate in research activities with our faculty members, though participation in such activities is not a required component of the M.S. degree program.

Ph.D. Program Requirements

In addition to coursework, students pursuing a Ph.D. in the Learning and Development area work closely with faculty members to develop research skills that will help them prepare for research and teaching positions in academic settings as well as other leadership roles that require expertise in development, learning, and research skills. Faculty mentorship is centered on the development of a thesis topic that will become the student’s dissertation. Additionally, throughout the program, students will have opportunities to gain research experience by working on projects with one or more of our professors. The Ph.D. is granted upon a successful defense of the student’s dissertation research.

Further information about degree requirements can be found on UWM’s Graduate School website.