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Why hasn’t the snow been cleared near my building yet?

Grounds is responsible for clearing approximately 10 miles of sidewalks and many acres of parking lots and driveways- taking many hours to complete.  Priority is given to parking lots and perimeter sidewalks, with heavily used walkways being cleared next.  Your patience during snow removal operations is appreciated.  If you think an area is being missed, contact 229-6272.


How can I find out species names for plants I notice on campus?

Grounds Department has a list of nearly every plant variety on campus, and can provide species names upon request.  Contact 229-6272 for information.


Who is responsible for maintaining Downer Woods?

The UWM Field station assumed responsibility for management of the Downer Woods in spring of 1998.  Any questions or concerns regarding this natural space should be directed to Jim Reinartz at 262-675-6844.


Are chemicals applied to the campus grounds and lawns?

Yes, chemicals and fertilizers are used for grounds maintenance. Please see the Lawn Chemical Application page for more information.


How do I start the moving or surplus process?

To request moving assistance, complete a work order form and forward them to the Work Order Center.  Departments initiating moves will be charged for the service.  To surplus furniture or other materials, contact the Sustainability Coordinator at 229-1117.