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School of Freshwater Sciences

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The UWM School of Freshwater Sciences (SFS) is the only graduate school in the nation dedicated solely to the study of freshwater. SFS is committed to equipping future scientists and professionals with the interdisciplinary skills and expertise necessary to address the complex, multifaceted issues facing the world's freshwater resources. SFS offers doctoral and master's graduate degrees and undergraduate research and learning opportunities.


UWM SFS Doctoral Program graphic Doctoral Degree Program
The doctoral program at SFS is a dissertation-based program with emphasis on strong interdisciplinary skills.
web_mastersMaster's Degree Program
The MS in Freshwater Sciences and Technology program offers thesis-track and professional-track options.
samsondeUndergraduate Opportunities
The School of Freshwater Sciences and its academic partners offer several options for undergraduate students seeking hands-on research and learning experiences
course_infoCourse and Registration Information
Core course syllabi, registration information, official forms, and other resources