Community Services/Clinics

Community Connections

The College of Health Sciences is a strong and committed partner in the healthcare community. Faculty and staff volunteer innumerable hours as consultants, speakers, and as members of community boards and committees. As an academic institution, we strive to continually increase the value of our contribution to the community. We actively embrace the "Milwaukee Idea."

Some of our community work includes:

  • Providing access to affordable health services through the Speech & Language Clinic and Community Audiology Services.
  • Providing access to outstanding Continuing Education programs through our Outreach Office, which strengthens lifelong learning.
  • Sponsoring Member, Center for Urban Population Health with core functions of research, professional education, evaluation and planning, and community health promotion.
  • The Milwaukee Idea House. Construction of affordable housing that is friendly to individuals with disabilities.
  • Healthy Choices. An initiative in partnership with CABHR (Center for Addiction and Behavioral Health Research) and the community that focuses on behavioral health and addictive disorders.
  • Environmental Health issues of environmental origin or influence that affect the community.
  • Health issues of specific populations: senior citizens, women, children, native Americans.
  • Federally funded DUIT (Diverse Urban Interdisciplinary Teams) Project supports the education of underrepresented personnel to provide services to young children with disabilities.